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Jogging belts

  • I'm not a good swimmer, can I still water jog with a jogging belt?

  • Most job belts help you float but they are not life guard approve (not a life saver).

  • Sure - the belt does a lot of the heavy lifting, but you're still in the deep end, so I'd exercise caution.They are definitely nowhere close to being lifesaving devices.

  • You might want to try several different sized belts. Some just sit better on you than others. At my YMCA, they have I think three different branded aqua-belts, and some of them definitely don't work well for me. I'm sorry, but I can't tell which brand that is, I just know to try to get a dark blue belt when I'm in class.

  • It depends on how comfortable you are in deep water. Being safe in deep water is different from having a beautiful crawl stroke! The jogging belts are really used to provide resistance and improve the quality of the water jogging or deep water exercise workout, but they can help you feel confident in deep water.

  • I'm not a good swimmer, can I still water jog with a jogging belt?

    Definitely! The purpose of the water belt is for posture and resistance. You do not have to be able to swim to water jog! Although most water belts are not US Coast Guard Approved Flotation Devices, they do provide some buoyancy.
    Put your belt on tightly, then adjust it even tighter (because they do tend to ride up) and then GO FOR IT!!! JOG!!!

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