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Running for swimmers

  • I follow a lot of triathletes who are constantly switching between running, swimming and biking for their training routine. I’ve never really put much thought into running. Is running good for swimmers?

  • I alternate between running and swimming throughout the week, because the cross-training is a nice vacation for my muscles. I have found that running helps increase my endurance and lung capacity, making it easier to swim longer and faster.

  • I have mixed running and swimming, but found that I was forcing my runs and didn't enjoy the assault on my joints. If you're interested in variety between swims, I would suggest exploring weight training or paddle sports. Athletes that engage in the cardio focused sports often neglect strength training. Paddle sports are a great way to mix it up, but continue to develop your knowledge of hydrodynamics with elements of resistance and strength training built in!

  • Running is good for swimming. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Though most swimmers run just for cross-training, it would be better if you mix different workouts so that you can use different muscles and prevent injury and monotony.

  • Is there a chance of getting muscular cramps in the middle of swimming after a running session? I'm scared because I get tensed rather often in the water

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