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Putting on goggles

  • Who knows how to put on swimming goggles? They always seem to fall off my head when I dive in or make a quick turn on the wall. Is there a right or wrong way to put them on?

  • I like my goggles extra tight, but I think the key is to make sure the straps are secure in the middle of the back of your head, as opposed to the top or bottom.

    First, put the goggle socket up to your eyes. Second, pull both of the straps over your head. Lastly, adjust the straps so they are centered and secure on the back of your head.

  • You could also put a cap on over the straps of your swimming goggles. Most competitive swimmers train, and all, race like this!

    I know how terrifying it is to have the goggles spring a leak when you least expect it.

    As mentioned, your goggle straps are almost certainly too loose if they are falling off when you are doing flip turns.

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