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Does swimming burn fat?

  • I really want to shed some weight, especially with all of the holidays that have come and gone. I know that swimming is a good way to get in shape and potentially burn a lot of calories, but does swimming burn fat?

  • Just like any exercise, your efficiency determines how much fat you are burning. The faster you work and longer you swim, the more fat you will burn in swimming.

  • Yes; however, burning fat is much more complicated than exercise. If you're looking for real results, you'll need consider your food & water intake, exercise frequency, type of exercise, intensity of exercise, and overall fitness goal. Swimming straight, for 45 minutes every other day will not burn fat to the extent it sounds like you're hoping for.

  • Yeah, swimming is good enough to burn fat. Also, it reduces stress and hypertension. It is a relaxation exercise.

  • If you're expecting a (sexy) overnight result, liposuction is the solution. Fact is every form of workouts aiming at fat burning will take time and effort, and to some extent, determination. I was once into that kind of your afer-holiday concern. Workouts must be pair with daily diet otherwise think... liposuction. ;0)

  • Swimming is one of the best workouts for burning fat from all over your body. After my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight and swimming every day in the morning helped to reduce my weight. I have got an inground pool in the backyard so its easier for me to practice every day in the morning. Here's how swimming helps in reducing fat. Doing different strokes helps in toning your body. It strengthens your muscles and bones and helps to keep your mind relaxed.

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