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Training for Swimming

  • Can an experienced swimmer please tell me how to train for swimming? I want to build up my endurance, improve my technique and get faster. How many days a week should I be hitting the pool? And for how long?

  • It really depends what your end goal is. If you are swimming for fitness, I would suggest swimming 3-4 times a week for an hour minimum. If you are training competitively, I think 2 hours, 6 days a week is more of the norm.

  • I completely agree with jordan. The level of training depends on your goal.

  • If you have a goal towards it then time is never a concern.Swimming could help you burn your calories and its good for your health.So have a good time and all the best

  • I agree with Jordan's suggestions, based on your end goal. My suggestion would be to start slow and use intervals. Using interval training will help increase your speed and endurance through periods of work and rest. For example, instead of swimming for 20 minutes straight, try swimming at a speed a little above your regular pace for 2-3 minutes. Then, take a 1 minute break and repeat 7-8 times. Remember, just like any other cardiovascular exercise, if you stick to swimming at the same pace for a long period of time your body normalizes the state. You won't be building towards anything, just finding a new normal.

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