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Pool exercises for weight loss

  • What are some good exercises to do in the pool to lose weight? I love being in the water, but get bored of swimming laps too often. Does water aerobics do the trick? I want something with a higher intensity level, but also really low-impact.

  • If you’re not swimming laps, water aerobics is a good alternative. If you’re looking for something a little more high-intensity, Speedo recently launched a new form of training called Speedo Fit. Take a look at some of their workout videos:

  • I am also looking fo the same. Please give out more suggestions.

  • Yes Bobby, swimming is always good for your health and don’t get bored because if you come to know the benefits of swimming you would definitely start loving it.Here is a blog [ ] that point outs some real factors that would help to keep your body fit as well as burn calories.I hope you all find the above article very useful.Thanks.

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