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Kids pool safety

  • Hi, my kids love to swim, They are being trained for swimming in their school. Now, they are hounding me for a swimming pool in our house. Having a discussion with one of the pool builders in Toronto, we found some space in our backyard for building a swimming pool. We just need our kids to be happy always. As we are planning this pool mainly for our kids, I would like to get some safety tips on this. I have managed them to wear safety gadgets always. It is shallow enough for them. There are handrails at the 4 corners and some rescue equipment nearby for adding to the safety.

  • Yeah I too have kids and they are naughty enough and take very much care..And also add some safety equipments while having a pool for your kids..Have a nice time..

  • I would suggest getting some aquatics specific training. While you may not need a full on Red Cross Lifeguard course, maybe Water Safety and basic CPR/First-Aid/AED. Also, be sure to have some type of barrier for the off-season. Either a heavy screen or some type of fencing to keep around the pool when it's too cold to swim, but warm enough to play in the back yard. Finally, look for solid swim lessons for the kiddos. I'm an instructor for swimming as part of a P.E. school program and I can tell you the class size and teacher to student ratio really limit the instruction that we can give. While kids are getting water safety knowledge, it doesn't come close to what they learn from a dedicated swim program.

    Enjoy the new pool!

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