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How to fix swimskin?

  • Hello,

    My swimskin just unstuck and not torn fews days ago and I need to know how to fix it. Is not neoprene. this is HUUB CORE TRIATHLON SWIMSKIN SKN-1 - WOMENS.

    I bought it just 6 month ago and take care as the instruction required.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    ![alt text](0_1486958678749_upload-c674083e-0ff4-4bda-8e06-3c2d0464e616 image url)

  • Hi Sumanan,

    Unfortunately, there is no fix for this. It is probably time for a new suit.

    This is due to the chlorine eating away at the glue, so to prevent it in the future, maybe rinse your suit with fresh water after each wear.

    Hope this helps!

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