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Genital Discomfort

  • I wore a size 24(one size down from my regular practice suit) Blueseventy nero for the first time, and I've had some severe discomfort in my right testicle. I felt that as I was swimming, my testicle sort of got "squeezed out." Is this normal? I've asked many of my friends about this and they said that it's normal and I should get used to it. After a couple days, it gets a bit sore. I've found that perfectly aligning my genital in the middle of the two boys solves the problem. However, it takes a LOT of trial and error and tends to get misaligned again after a swim. Is it just me or am I wearing a size too tight?

  • My son had somewhat similar issue with his first couple tech suits, he switched to the "high waisted" versions of the speedo lazr tech suits and those have worked better for whatever reason, placement of compression, etc.

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