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Square-Cut Artistry Plateau

  • Hi everyone! I swam some in college, and have recently taken it back up for fitness. I've worn a 1" Solar for about 40,000 meters, and it has faded from navy blue to lavender, and seems to be more transparent than when it started. I understand that's common, so I'm just in the market for another suit (or two or three). My darling bride is uneasy about me swimming in such brief briefs (never-mind that we're talking about a pool on board a Naval Base), and wants me to try a square-cut or a jammer.

    So here's my topic: Why is it that square-cut suits are so limited in their creativity? For example, the Speedo Pheonix Jammer has a corresponding Brief, but no Square-Cut. There's Turbo or Splish briefs that are pretty outlandish, and Funky Trunks for silly jammers, but if you want a square-cut with any whimsy at all, from print to seam pattern, you're pretty much out of luck.

    Am I the only one to observe this? Assuming I'm not, why is it this way in the swimwear industry? What makes the square-cut inherently more prudish or staid?

  • Well, Matt, perhaps the reason for limited square cut designs is the lack of demand. I feel that like most things when your wife gets accustomed to the fact you prefer briefs and she sees you in them her aversion will wear off. I encourage you to be you and don't rush the switch to dork shorts. After all, there is nothing wrong with swim briefs and there is nothing gross about the male anatomy.

  • Matt,
    Thanks for taking the time to share your supportive thoughts. Since my post I ordered two jammers, one by Speedo and one by Tyr, along with two briefs from Nike (Beam and Gemstone). I kept the briefs and returned the jammers, which both felt too small, but to varying degrees. The funds from the returned jammers was sitting in my paypal account, so I figured I'd try again. Your reply arrived minutes after I ordered two square-cuts and a jammer to try. I'm trying to keep an open mind: maybe they won't be too tight or restrictive. Maybe the two jammers I ordered previously were just too small. Thanks to Swimoutlet's wonderfully descent return policy, I'm confident I can find something I'll be happy swimming in- even if it's briefs I order when I return the latest mis-cue. I'll keep this thread posted with results.

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