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Best swimsuit for beginner swimmers

  • Hey guys, just putting my two sense out in case any beginner swimmers are looking into buying a new swimsuit.

    I'd love to hear some opinions on what type of swim suit you guys think would be best for beginner swimmers to get.

    I work at a local pool and a lot of swimmers that come to me are rocking a swim suit about 3 sizes to big and the only reason it is staying on is because the elastic is wound up so tight.

    I usually recommend for them to get a tighter swim suit like a pair of "Jammmers" because then they can learn to swim without the work of the drag that comes from a normal swimsuit!

    Let me know what you think!


  • This suit in particular is a really good fit for beginners in my opinion:

  • I think you have an opportunity to encourage new swimmers to experiment with all cuts to see what they are comfortable with. Nothing beats the fit, feel and comfort of a brief for me, and when someone is beginning it is the perfect time to begin to dispel the myth that men don't belong in briefs. Jammers are ok too, but the feel of them in the water, to me, is completely different. Have fun!

  • Jammers on beginner swimmers just looks ridiculous. Jammers are for competitive swimmers, triathletes and serious fitness swimmers. not people taking swimming lessons.

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