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Sunscreen stains on suit...

  • Does anyone know how to get zinc containing sunscreen out of a suit?

    I normally swim inside in a Speedo Endurance suit, but last week had to swim outside and the Zinc sunscreen left white stains on my suit that I can't get out with water or a bit of handsoap (which I did just a small trial). The fabric also changed- it feels a bit "crunchy" now on the straps where the staining is the worse.

    And can anyone recommend a sunscreen that won't leave stains on my suit?

  • Some of the qualities that make zinc cream useful -- namely its water resistance and barrier-like properties -- also mean it requires extra care when it comes to removal. Removing Zinc-based sunscreen involves first scraping off the excess with a credit card, pouring baking soda on the stain to remove the excess oils, then blotting with vodka. You can read more detailed instructions here:

    The NO-AD brand known to be low-staining although it is not zinc-based. It's non-greasy, quick absorbing, and contains Avobenzone, Aloe, and Vitamin E.

    Stay away from aerosol in general, it's more staining. If you're sticking with a Zinc-based sunscreen, applying it carefully is your best bet as they all tend to be equally as staining.

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