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red marks around eyes after swim

  • I did a quick swim today; only 40 minutes as I was in a rush. After finishing and before getting in the shower I took a quick peek in the mirror and I saw red circles around my eyes from where my goggles had been. I was a bit concerned but thankfully they did fade away ater an hour or so. BUT, I have never had this happen before today. I understand the goggles fit snugly, but again,I've neve had marks around my eyes after using them.

    So it made me wonder: Is that a sign I should replace the goggles for a new set? Or did I have a random allergic reaction? Or did something get on the goggles that didn't agree with my skin? I've had these goggles for a year and, again, have not had any issues with marks or irritation of any kind. And I've been using the same pool during this time period as well.

    Any ideas?

  • Sometimes when I wear brand new goggles I buy (I buy at least 2 per week), I see red goggle marks around my forehead area. It happens a lot when you never wore it. It usually never happens if you wear good brands such as Bling2o and Speedo. Try to wear a swim cap so that the problem does not happen.

  • My goggles are Speedo brand actually. But again, they have quite a bit of use on them. Like you said, it may be because they hadn't been worn in a while and they were old. Either way, I'm just going to invest in a couple new sets.

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