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Goggle and Mouthguards while swimming

  • Hi, I have been practicing swimming for two months. I go for swimming with a simple swim suit and did not bother to buy any goggles or mouthguards.
    I am a little selfish and am suffering because of this. Both of my eyes and mouth have become affected because of swimming. I have noticed that salt-water has entered into my eyes and I suffer from red-eyes. So, I use eye drops before and after swimming. I was able to solve the problem of my eyes using eye drops.
    Now, I need to protect the health of my teeth too. I have noticed that I grind my teeth severely while swimming. This has caused the enamel to erode off and I suffer from sensitive teeth now. I feel pain in my teeth while having anything hot or cold. My friend told me to use a mouthguard while swimming.
    I have heard good reviews about the custom mouthguards in Mississauga. So, I am planning to buy one from there. But, I am confused about the case of goggles. Can anybody of you please suggest a good brand?

  • Hi Margaret,
    When I swim I wear goggles. I'll get to that in a second...
    I can't imagine wearing a mouth guard. The tradition heat-formed mouth would be problematic in the traditional "three-strokes-and-a-breath" rhythm, because it would fall out when you open your mouth to breath or not allow you to close your lips around it when you breath. The engineer in me pictures a check valve integrated into the mouth guard so that the swimmer can breath while his or her teeth are protected.

    As for goggles, I have tried a few different brands, but keep coming back to Speedo Vanquishers. Regardless of the goggles you buy, take the time to make certain they are adjusted to fit you comfortably long term before you ever get in the pool. Yes, wear them around your home for hours. Then, only wear them to the pool when the aggravating things are settled and the nuances learned.

    Congratulations on taking up swimming! Swim on!

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