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What you want to Buy for your Kids!

  • I will be listing what are the cheapest and the most expensive stuff.
    Worst Goggles: Sea Pals Swim Goggles
    Best Goggles: Remora Jr Mirrored Goggle
    Pricey Goggles: Special OPS Tie Dye Goggles

    Worst Swim Cap: Kid's Latex Cap (might rip even if you never wore it)
    Best Swim Cap: Shark Fin TYR Swim Cap..if you like plain caps...Speedo Jr Sillicone Swim Cap
    Pricey Swim Cap: FS3 Competition Swim Cap (unless if you swim everyday, it's worth it)

  • Our favorite goggles for kids in swimming are TYR goggles. They just seem to last, they are easy to put on and they are relatively inexpensive.

  • Hey, above list of goggles is helpful. I was also searching for the swimming goggles for my kids. As they love swimming, So wearing swimming goggles while swimming is one of the most important thing to prevent accidents. So, while exploring more I found some useful sites that offer wholesale sunglasses in an affordable cost.

  • after the school is opening, kids are getting admission in swimming classes. So i have bought these goggles and swim suit for the kids from back to school shopping coupons. I got greater amount of discounts through these coupons.

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