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What to pack for a Swim

  • Here is what I recommend to pack for a swim!
    1: At least 1 swimsuit (so that your regular clothing does not get wet and ruined)
    2: (Autumn's Favorite) a pair of goggles! Goggles are fun and cool!
    3: a swim cap. To lessen your cancer risk (to lose your hair) and to look older
    4: flip flops (lessen the risk of slipping)
    5: a water bottle (if you need energy!!)
    6: a waterproof for your phone (it's very fun because you get to listen to music down underwater!)
    Now you know what to pack, you will be the envy of all you friends!

  • Hey, the above list of things needed for swimming is really helpful, but I think wearing goggles while swimming is also important. As eyes are important, So it can be harmed while swimming. So, one can protect their eyes by wearing wholesale designer glasses while swimming, along with the glasses, one can also use sunglasses strap with the sunglasses.

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