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Swim training for beginners

  • Hi

    I am wondering if one of you more experienced swimmers can provide me with some advice.

    Around 3 months ago, I took up swimming for the main purpose of losing weight and improving my overall health. I am averaging a mile swim 4-5 times per week, freestyle only, and haven't gotten around to doing flip turns yet. Usually I just jump in the pool and keep swimming until I am done (albeit not very fast).

    I am not interested in competitive swimming nor crossing the English Channel. I want to maximize my 40-50 min workout over my lunch break and continue to improve my overall fitness.

    My question is am I doing it all wrong? Should I have formal sets, alternate strokes (that I do fairly poorly) and set-up predefined and timed workouts?

    To be honest, that doesn't sound as fun as what I do today. Swimming has been both mentally and physically beneficial for me.

    But at the same time, I worry that as I improve, I am not going to get the same benefit as before. In the very beginning, finishing a mile felt like I had just completed the Boston Marathon. Its becoming more and more easier as I go.

    Do you recommend I get a swim coach? I know my stroke is inefficient and my upper body overcompensates for my lack of power from my legs. My other strokes are a work in progress and that's probably being overly generous.

    But quite frankly, I just want to get out and swim without stopping nor having a care in the world. It doesn't bother me the least bit when I get lapped by the lady in the next lane 40 years my elder. Fortunately I have outgrown any need for an ego.

  • I swam a lot many years ago and was in your situation. So I kept trying to do more and more, faster, and more skill.
    Then i lost the passion of swimming. Quit swimming for clost to ten years.
    I have now started swimming again. I now swim for fun. I don't worry about speed, style, or skill. I am lapped, and I lap some.
    Wear the suit that's comfortable, the ear and nose plugs that work for if needed and just enjoy the time.
    I know some may think I am odd at the pool. Slightly out of shape 36 year old in briefs. But I am in it for me. Since i started swimming again i was the only one in briefs or jammers. Now I am seeing more starting to wear jammers and briefs verses their swim trunks.
    Just keep swimming and having fun. Do what you can do in the time you have available.
    My daughter swam her first 1K with me last week. She was disappointed in herself the next day because she was too sore to go lap swimming with me. Now she says she will only swim till she feels she is done and not to over do it.

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