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Minimum Age For Swim Gear

  • What is the minimum age for youth caps, goggles, etc.?

  • For gear? It really depends. My son has a big old melon and was able to wear adult goggles and caps at age 8, where my smaller nephew is still rocking kids goggles at 12. Totally varies.

  • My 2 year old loves to wear my cap and his brothers goggles. kids goggles are very adjustable I would say 2-3 should be fine.


    We offer a great assortment of kids gear, you can get gear for a child of any age! Check out the page!

  • What is the minimum age for youth caps, goggles, etc.?

    I suggest taking your little one to the swim shop for a try-on session...more determined by fit than age. I am a swim instructor, and have a lot of luck w the aqua-sphere small kaiman goggles for everyone from 2-13 years old...even adults! The aqua-sphere Seal Kids work for certain little faces, and speedo kids goggles are also my usual go-tos...

  • Childrens Goggles: IDK because I never wore goggles at 5, 6, 7, 8, etc
    Children's Swim Caps: IDK
    Adult Goggles: Started wearing in January
    Adult Swim Caps: Wut??

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