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Need Workout Ideas for Triathlon Training

  • Whats the best workout for a new swimmer training for a sprint triathlon?

  • I'm not a triathlete, but I've been using Workouts in a Binder for the last few months -

    Great book - just keep in mind that the yardage is between 3000-5500 (yds or meters). But you can always cut the warm ups or the main set in half.

    Book is broken into sections, i.e. distance, sprint, IMs and strokes and there are multiple workouts per section. And there are 2 tracks - shorter vs longer distances.

    Doesn't address cycling & running - but great swim book which is the component most people probably need more help with.

  • Also recommend the Swim Speed workouts. Lots of good drills to help with getting your form right when you are starting out.

  • Pool swim or lake swim?
    If lake swim, one thing you will want to do is try open water swimming beforehand.
    Be sure to learn to breathe on both sides, as that helps with sighting (again, lake swim).

    Workout ideas sort of depend on your swim fitness... what's your swim background? What's your fastest 100 free? What do you usually do?

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