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Avoiding Raccoon Eyes

  • How do I avoid the "Racoon eye"?

  • I may look silly, but I wear swim mask instead (open water type goggles) so much better. Or even foam gaskets will help too.

  • I use a mask as opposed to a goggle. I use the Acqua Sphere Vista Lady Swim Mask Goggle. No raccoon eyes for me. And, no water leakage. A good mask! I wish they had tinted lenses for the open water swims. But, I have been making do. Good luck!

  • Phoebe, have you tried loosening up on the straps of your goggles? It doesn't take an extreme amount of pressure to create a seal, but the tighter you pull the straps the worse the Racoon effect will likely be. Also trying a goggle that sits outside of the soft tissue around your eye can be helpful.

  • Patrice, The Vista Mask is a great option! The regular Aqua Sphere Vista mask is the same size as the ladies mask and it is offered in several tinted options.

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