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  • Is it okay to drink a 'Boost' BEFORE practice??? Is it only ok to drink one AFTER?

  • I've always understood that protien drinks/snacks are essential AFTER your workout to aid in muscle recovery. I don't drink it before. I only use things like GU during a workout if I am going for the long-haul.

  • Exactly, protein shakes should be taken post workout. You can definitely go with GU or there are these jelly beans that work wonders pre-workout.

  • I agree with the comments so far. You want to build and recover muscle mass so drinking a protein drink is best post-workout.

  • With a few very important exceptions, the body can make almost everything it needs from protein. Sufficient protein stores are needed prior to the workout. Otherwise, the body will actually break down muscle tissue in order to supply it's needs.

    After the workout both protein and carbohydrates are needed. Carbs for quick energy and protein to rebuild supply.

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