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Help needed for swimmer's ear!

  • How can I get water out of my ears post swim?

  • This post is deleted!

  • We have always used equals parts rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. 2-3 drops in the ear, tilt head to hold, wait 30-40 seconds, then tilt head to drain. None of my kids has ever had an ear infection from pool water. Never use Q-Tips, this seems to push wax in and keeps water from draining.

  • I agree with the vinegar/rubbing alcohol solution. One tip is that while the solution is in your ears, gently tug the outside of your ear to help it drain down into the ear.

  • We have always used Mack's Drops, but others have told me that they use diluted alcohol or diluted peroxide. One thing that I learned last spring if your child starts complaining about any pain at all is NOT to try alcohol...very uncomfortable! Btw, as a quick tip, if you suspect an outer ear infection is beginning, use 3-5 drops of Collodial Silver in the ear overnight, and sleep with a cotton ball in the ear. It clears it up overnight, and can be purchased at Whole Foods, or any similar type store I imagine. It's gotten us over the hump many times without a trip to the doctor! I'm sure for more serious infections, an antibiotic is necessary, but it works wonders for my girls!

  • My brother is a master diver, and before having to use any ear drops he'd have me tilt my head on the side that had it and jump up and down. That would remedy it, now if it were much more intense and borderline we would resort to the drops. Hopefully this information was useful :)

  • There is this thing called an Eardoc. It vibrates the Eustachian tube by placing it behind your ear and it's supposed to help drain your ear. It's meant for ear infections and pain but I'm thinking it would work for swimmers ear as well. Maybe look into that.

  • There are special ear drops you can buy from the pharmacy that will help dry up swimmers ear. Hope you get some relief.

  • From the standpoint that prevention is better than cure, I now routinely wear ear plugs. My favorites for comfort and effectiveness are

    but the downside is that they are easily lost in the pool.

    I am currently using these

    They are less comfortable but never lost.

  • At my house we mix together equal parts of vinegar and alcohol, we leave it in the bathroom cabinet so the kids can use it after every practice.

  • I just use a cotton swab and put it into my ear, then gently pulling it out

  • After much trial and error, I have found the best preventative is earplugs (I like Mackˋs silicon ones that you roll up) combined with drying the ear afterwards. I use (and love) Mackˋs ear dryer, but you can also use a hairdryer set to low a safe distance from your ear. When I was using vinegar and water my ENT told me my problems were partially caused by ears that were too clean; i.e. devoid of protective wax.

    Also, I have found that I am more prone to swimmerˋs ear if I spend more time doing backstroke. I assume it has something to do with the angle of water entry into the ear canal.

    Good luck! Donˋt forget that cold water can cause you to clench your jaw in a way that mimics swimmerˋs ear but is actually not an ear problem at all.

  • I would probably not recommend qtips. You could accidentally go to far in and hurt or damage your ear.

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