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Unseasoned Swimmer needs advice

  • I am looking to lose weight and have not swam in 15+ years and never really did "lap swimming". Any suggestions on where I should start? Routines and/or nutrition tips?

  • Start with what you are comfortable with! If you use to swim, use your favorite strokes or rotate among them between sets. The goal is to keep increasing intensity with each session.

  • I'm in the same boat. I started swimming on the regular about 5 months ago. I'm not a great swimmer. So I bought the aqua sphere focus snorkel. I love. I don't have to worry about turning my head and breathing. Just focus on your kicks and strokes. At first I thought people would make fun, nope. No one cares.

  • As someone who's really into weightlifting I can tell you from experience that weight loss, first and foremost, starts with nutrition/diet.

    If you can take control of what you put into (or don't put into) your body, almost any amount of physical activity will yield results.

  • I learned to swim later in life ife,after 50. Swimming LP lessons are a great idea. It he looks so to have coaching and s op me one to BM o OK by out flaws.

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