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FINA approved competition suits

  • Several brands for FINA approved suits... TYR, Speedo, The Finals. The FINA suits are far and away the best feeling suit I've ever worn. Super lightweight, thin, it's like swimming in your skin. The downfall is that they don't hold up to the chlorine in the pool. I can get about 6 months of wear (4 swims per week) out of one and then the pool chemicals begin to eat away at the fabric until it is practically see-through. Does anyone know an alternative to these incredible suits that might hold up a bit better and longer?

  • For my everyday practice swimming I like to use a water polo suit. They are thicker than a traditional swim jammer or brief for men but they hold up really well! They also make water polo suits for women. I would check it out.

  • Interesting idea Joel! I grew up swimming and playing water polo, and I had never really thought of this. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks, Joel. I should add that I am 64 years old and have been a lap swimmer for 42 of those years. Would the gear you are describing look a bit ridiculous on me? I am TINY and fit. I really just want a sleek skin to go into the water with me.

  • I wear the sporti waterpolo polyester brief. Try the sporti or waterpro women's waterpolo suit.

  • Okay... thanks everyone. I'll check out the waterpolo suits for women.

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