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Miscellanous Product Questions

  • I get super tight calves when I swim and run, which foam roller is the best to use?

  • I am curious about tall compression socks.
    Any plans on ordering some for big feet (13 14 wide) that come in colors besides white and black?
    Or heck even black and white ones.

  • Gee, I have never heard of compression socks. What are they supposed to do ? I assume they are for biking or running.

  • Compression socks have helped me avoid shin splints and post run soreness.

  • I just use the smooth foam roller at the gym (no fancy nubs). It's got a diameter of maybe 6 or so inches? I find the best thing to prevent that tight/stiff feeling is stretching. Warm up, get out and stretch, cool down, stretch. Also cross training with something like Yoga or Pilates might help increase flexibility and help you maintain that limberness for longer periods. Good luck!

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